You most likely will not have heard of me. I am not a head, not a university academic, not an education blogger nor ‘influencer’ and not a writer of books on education (though I have written a couple of history books). However, I am a passionate educator with nearly 40 years experience in schools, as a teacher (11 years), middle leader (11 years), Academic Deputy Head (16 years) and for the last 16 months  or so working for an educational charity . I am not writing as the representative of that organisation but as an individual educator. Most relevant perhaps to what I have to say is what I learned from my experiences in teaching and leading in schools, visiting and inspecting schools, both here and abroad  and in particular from my role as the Deputy Head (academic) for 11and a half years at Latymer Upper School. It is also borne of my understanding of educational research and writing, and the rich conversations I have had with different educators.


Revolution and Reaction: Europe 1789-1849 (Cambridge Perspectives in History)

by Andrew Matthews  | 21 Jun 2001

Customer reviews: 5 stars out of 5

Access to History Themes: Nationalism, 1789-1945 Paperback – 25 Aug. 2000

by Andrew Matthews (Author)