History (and politics):

Whilst I have a general interest in history, my main areas of enquiry and reading have focused on three areas: the French Revolution and Napoleon; the development and expansion of the United States from the origins of the American War of Independence to the aftermath of the Civil War; and the early Crusades. Currently reading Napoleon, The Man Behind The Myth, by Adam Zamorski.


For pleasure, I mainly read fiction, and, whilst my interests are broad, I am especially always on the look out for good historical and/or spy fiction. A current area of interest is also literature from, or about the, Indian subcontinent. Current favourite authors include: Andrew Taylor, C.J. Sansom, Amitav Ghosh, John Le Carre, S.J. Parris, Rory Clements, Nick Herron, S.G. McClean …. Other favourite authors include: David Nicholls, Jonathan Coe, William Boyd, Orhan Pamuk, Richard Ford, Kate Mosse, Nick Hornby, Andre Brink, Robertson Davies, John Banville, Malcolm Bradbury, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Robert Harris, Umberto Eco, Barbara Kingsolver, Sebastian Barry, Allan Massie, Bernad Cornwell ….


My interest in anthropology is largely the result of my son, who is an anthropologist, but also derives in part from my interest in history, particularly social and cultural history. Whilst at Latymer I devised an introduction to Anthropology elective course (10 weeks) with a focus on cultural anthropology. I do believe that anthropology should be an option on school curricula and it is a shame that the A-level offer for this was so short-lived.


Great relaxation – cooking is one of the great ways to for me to step out of the cares of the world. Find it hard to stick to recipes and love the adventure of combining different ingredients. Prefer savoury cooking to sweet. Great when a success and people enjoy the food!


Although I played (no lessons) occasionally as a teenager, I did not really take up golf until my mid 40s, but have become an avid fan, and a keen hacker. Handicap has slowly crept down to under twenty, but certainly need some lessons! It is a great way to relax and get some exercise in the open air – whatever the weather!!!


Always been interested in art and have a longstanding grudge against my secondary school when I was not allowed to do Art for O-level. I sketch and enjoy going to galleries.


The sport at which I showed some skill – and one of the few areas where I was allowed as a child to use my natural left-sidedness. Early left wing back! As a teacher rose to coach Ist XI. My team has always been Liverpool – my earliest recollection is the 1965 FA Cup Final when Liverpool beat Leeds United 2:1 after extra time… Roger Hunt and Ian St John the scorers


Although I had a minor role in the Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew at school, my interest in drama (initially comedy – writing and performing) developed at university. Performed at and took a school production to the Edinburgh Fringe in the 1980s, wrote a couple of plays, produced school productions and performed in several Am Dram productions. Most proud of my school productions of The Devils, by John Whiting, and Another Country by Julian Mitchell. Always interested in going to the theatre but have an irrational antipathy to musicals.